Milwaukee Hedgehog Rendezvous 2006


Platinum Sponsors--$100 Level

American Automobile Association – Ribbon Sponsor for the Saturday October 14, 2006, IHA sanctioned conformation show, at “The Mitchell Park Domes”.



Hedgehog Central



Hedgehog World


International Hedgehog Association



International Hedgehog Registry


Milwaukee SuperPogs


Pins and Needles


Top Hat Cricket Farm Inc.





♦ ♦ ♦ Diamond Sponsors -- $75.00 Level ♦ ♦ ♦




Gold Sponsors--$50.00 Level

Dawn Wrobel – Dedicated to the Ranch hedgies that started it all, Abigail, Buelah, Cassandra, Big Bob, Dapper Don, and Drew.


Hedgehog Breeders Alliance


Hedgehog Welfare Society



Silver Sponsors--$25.00 Level

Cindy DeLaRosa – In memory of Alice, our dropped-by-a-stranger girl, may everyone learn from her misfortune.

 Gillian Holmes – In remembrance of the three terrors, HRH Cleo and HRH Quilliam.



Bronze Sponsors--$10.00 Level


Bronze Level

Mike and Cyndy Bennett – In memory of Huggles Shiphrah.

Marilyn Ensley – In memory of Sonic, Sonya, Vinnie, Zorro, and Scooter.

Sarah Shore

Susan Morrison – To all DIVAs past and present!

Deb Weaver – For all my kids, Gracie (the one who started it all), Gabby (who left us too soon), Grover (the big love of my life), and my current kids, Molly and Greta.

Jim and Linda Woodring – In memory of Lt. Col. Payton.  Proud member of the Manly Hedgeboyz (No Wimmens allowed).



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