Milwaukee Hedgehog Rendezvous 2006 - Hedgehog Show Registration

October 13, 14, 15, 2006



Please neatly print and provide all information requested.  Mail Registration Form with check or money order (payable to Hedgehog Rendezvous) to our show secretary:  Deb Weaver, 5521 W. Lincoln Ave., #3, West Allis, WI  53219



Human Attendee Information


Name of Attendee(s):                                                                                                                          






Email (for confirmation):                                                                                                                       


Type of Ticket                                                            # of tickets                  cost*               total


Rendezvous Pass (includes everything)                                                                                          x $65.00                                                 

   Cost is $65.00 before September 19th                                                             OR

   Cost is $85.00 September 20th and beyond                                                   x $85.00                                                 

    [*individual event cost will jump $10.00 per event after 9/20]


Al La Cart Menu

Saturday - General Admission Ticket to The Domes

                Adult                                                                                                    x $4.00                                                   


                Age 6-17                                                                                             x $2.50                                                   

                (Children under 6 free)       


Friday  (includes dinner and all programs)                                                      x $15.00                                                 


Saturday (includes box lunch and all programs)                                                             x $15.00                                                 


Saturday (includes box lunch, banquet and all programs)                                                                   x $45.00                                                 


Saturday (includes banquet and all programs)                                                                                    x $35.00                                                 


Sunday (includes programs)                                                                                    x $6.00                                                   


Total for Human Attendee(s):                                                                                                    $                     


$10.00 discount given off of Rendezvous Pass for giving volunteer time during show                   $                     


Total for Hedgehog Attendee(s):                                                                                               $                     


Grand Total                                                                                                                              $                     



Hedgehog Attendee(s) Information


Friday Night Charity Event

                                                                                                            Total pledged for my pog(s):

Number of entries(list names)                            Cost per entry              (do not send this amount with your registration)


                                                                        Free                             $                     







IHA Conformation Shows (Saturday morning and Sunday morning)

[Hedgehogs under 3 months of age may not be shown.  Juveniles 3-12 mo.; Adults 1-3 yr.; Seniors 3 yr and up.

*Please include the herd initials with the IHR number.]


Hedgehog Name                                              Sat.                  Sun.

And IHR Number*                   Age                  Show               Show               Color               Female             Male















            Number of Sat. entries from above                    Cost per entry                                      Total   


                                                                                    X $5.00                                               $                     

                                                                                    X $6.00 for non-IHR registered animals


            Number of Sun. entries from above


                                                                                    X $5.00                                               $                     

                                                                                    X $6.00 for non-IHR registered animals


                                                                                    Conformation show(s) total                   $                     





Rendezvous Sports Games & Costume Competition (Saturday afternoon)


Hedgehog Name                      Age                  Female             Male                Costume Competition













            Number of entries from above   Cost per entry              Total


                                                                        X $3.00                       $                     



Grand total for all hedgehog events:                                                       $                                 




Note:  Linda and Jim Woodring will be putting together a musical slide show CD of the Milwaukee show.  You'll be able to sign up for the CD in the Hospitality Room during the show.  ($5.00 will be collected at that time to pay the cost of materials and mailing.)




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