SuperPog Games


The SuperPog Games consists of the:

v    Rendezvous Run

v    Mealworm Stalk

v    Musical Hedgehog Colors

v    Hedgehog Pinball

v    Bedlam Ball

v    Hedgehog Explorer (The Great SuperPog Voyage of Discovery) 


All of the events require a hedgehog exercise ball.  Every hedgehog owner must have their own exercise balls.  In order to keep all of our hedgehogs safe from the possible transmission of contagious disease and or external parasites the sharing of exercise balls by multiple hedgehog households is strictly forbidden.


You may bring your own exercise ball or purchase one at the show.  If you plan to purchase an exercise ball at the show please e-mail  no later than September 27, 2006 to place an advance order.  All PROFITS FROM THE SALE OF EXERCISE BALLS WILL BE DONATED TO THE UIST HEDGEHOG RESCUE.


At this years show the Hedgehog Pinball event will be run as a charity fundraiser (Pinball-A-Thon) during the Friday Evening Fun Program at the Hospitality Inn.  Click on our Charity Fundraising page for a description of the Pinball-A-Thon, Pinball-A-Thon registration information, Pinball-A-Thon game rules, and a description of the special prizes and recognitions that can be won by our Pinball-A-Thon Fundraisers.  The Bedlam Ball will also be conducted during the Friday Evening Fun Program.





Saturday October 14, 2006, 12:30 PM

Mitchell Park Domes


Rendezvous Run

In this event, hedgehogs in exercise balls race neck to neck down a Hamtrac straightaway track.  Six competitors compete in each heat.  The winner of each heat advances to the Finals.  There is a two minute maximum to complete the event.  Flat Ribbons are awarded for first through sixth place in each heat.  Rosette Ribbons are awarded for First through Sixth place in the Finals.  Medals are awarded to the top three finishers in the Finals.


Picture courtesy of Hedgehog Valley (Copyright Hedgehog Valley)





Saturday October 14, 2006, 3:00 PM

Hospitality Inn (Hospitality Room)


Mealworm Stalk


In this event, hedgehogs have an opportunity to get in touch with their inner Insectivore by hunting the wilily and elusive cartoon mealworm.  Hedgies in exercise balls stalk and kill (ie: knock over) printed cartoon mealworms to test their hunting skills. There is a two minute limit for this event.  Flat ribbons are awarded at the “Apprentice Hunter”, “Hunter”, “Expert Hunter”, and “Master Hunter” levels of performance. 



Musical Hedgehog Colors

This event is the Hedgehog equivalent of musical chairs.  In this event Hedgehogs in exercise balls compete on a Hamtrac oval track.  Each of the six Hamtrac sections represents one of the six Hedgehog Show Color Classes (Standard, Apricot, Pinto, Snowflake, White, and Albino).  Before the music starts a color is randomly chosen and when the music stops, any hedgehog on that color is OUT.  The process continues until only one hedgehog remains.  Flat Ribbons are awarded for First through Sixth Place.  Medals are awarded to the top three finishers.


Picture courtesy of Hedgehog Valley (Copyright Hedgehog Valley)




Hedgehog Explorer (The Great SuperPog Voyage of Discovery)

This event is a hedgehog scale reenactment of Lewis and Clark’s Great Voyage of Discovery.  In this timed event our valiant Hedgehog Explorers must race their exercise balls over a winding Hamtrac track (the Missouri River), cross an open space (the Great Plains), and maneuver through a gap between two Prevue Animal Playpens (Rocky Mountain Pass) to reach the goal line (California).   There is a four minute time limit for this event. Flat Ribbons are awarded for First through Ninth place. Medals are awarded to the top three finishers.  Please click on this link to view a slide show of the Hedgehog Explorer.




The Superpog Games were one of the highlights of the 2004 Iola Hedgehog Fest.  Click here to view more pictures of the Rendezvous events. 





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