Welcome to the Milwaukee Hedgehog Rendezvous 2006


My name is MSP Sunspot and I am the Patriarch of the Milwaukee SuperPogs.  The SuperPogs are throwing a party for the Hedgehog Community and hope that all of our Hedgehog and human friends from throughout the United States and Canada can “Rendezvous“ in Milwaukee, Wisconsin the weekend of October 13, through October 15, 2006 to celebrate with us.


The festivities will take place at the Hospitality Inn and Conference Center 4400 South 27th street, Milwaukee, WI 53221 and the world famous Mitchell Park Horticultural Conservatory (The Domes) 524 South Layton Blvd., Milwaukee WI 53215.


The weekend schedule includes presentations by noted Hedgehog authorities Dawn Wrobel and Dr. Donnasue Graesser, Phd. two International Hedgehog Association (IHA) sanctioned Hedgehog Shows, and is packed with Fun Games and Activities.


Tale a tour of our web site for details and mark your calendars so that you can “Rendezvous” in Milwaukee for the Big Celebration.


If you would like to order any souvenirs from the show, visit our online store. 




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