Milwaukee Hedgehog Rendezvous

Sponsorship Opportunity


October 1st through 3rd 2010

Roadway Inn

4400 South 27th Street

Milwaukee, Wisconsin


There are six sponsorship levels for our show.  All sponsorships include a listing on the show website.  Gold, Diamond, Platinum, and Super Platinum sponsorships include your logo and a link to your website.


$10.00 Bronze Level - includes a line listing* in the show program.


$25.00 Silver Level - includes a business card size ad and a line listing in the show program.


$50.00 Gold Level - includes a half page ad and a line listing in the show


♦ ♦ ♦
$75.00 Diamond Level - includes a half page ad and a line listing in the show program.
  ♦ ♦ ♦

$100.00 Platinum Level - includes a full page ad and a line listing in the show program.


$250.00 and above – Super Platinum Level - includes a full page ad, a line listing in the show program, and a Free Vender Table.



*All line listings will include sponsor’s name and may include a short dedication.


**Ads can be electronically submitted to Deb Weaver’s email address (or via hard copy).


All sponsorships are due in full before the start of the show.  Please note: the Committee reserves the right to not accept a sponsorship application.


There’s three ways to sign up: download the attached form, fill in your information and send to Deb Weaver; email Deb (put hedgehog show in the subject line please) and ask for a form (will come as a word document); or simply email Deb with your information (and she’ll fill out the paperwork for you).


Made checks payable to “Hedgehog Rendezvous”.  Mail this sheet and your check to the show secretary: Deb Weaver, 5521 W. Lincoln Ave., #3, West Allis, WI 53219.  Email Deb at:


We thank you for your support!!!!!




Name:  ________________________________________


Email address (for confirmation):  ____________________


Sponsorship Level:  _______________________________


If you'd like a dedication (no more than two lines), list it here:







Thank you to the following sponsors:


Super Platinum Sponsors

$250.00 and above Level


Milwaukee SuperPogs





Hedgehog Welfare Society




Platinum Sponsors--$100.00 Level 






“In loving memory of Dudley, Hoover, Bucky, Payton, and Wizard"





Cyndy and Mike Bennett

“In loving memory of Huggles, Sparkles and her baby, Cuddles, Miss Kitty, Snuggles, Nestle’, and Princess Chloe”




Jennifer Plombon

"To honor all the brave animals in Texas who survived and thrived"




Vicki McLean

"To the tiny Texans, who are living and those who have crossed the Rainbow Bridge and their caregivers -- peace without end"








Exotic Nutrition Pet Company

The trusted source for exotic mammal products worldwide.






P.O. Box 202
Cascade CO 80809
(719) 684-9565

    Char Norvil & Diane Doren 





Green Pet Products Inc.

Makers of Aspen Supreme™ pellets 

Pet & Bird All Natural Litter/Bedding 





Visit us at





♦ ♦ ♦ Diamond Sponsors -- $75.00 Level ♦ ♦ ♦


Permanent Grand Champion Molly Weaver


Deb Weaver

"For my kids:  Gracie, Gabby, Grover, Molly, Greta, Samantha, and Millie"




Gold Sponsors--$50.00 Level


 The Homeward Bound Hedgies & Twink Fund Kids

“A memorial and tribute to hedgie rescues -- past, present, & future."





Dawn Wrobel, Animal Communicator

 "With thanks to all the hedgehogs that have enriched my life."






Dedicated to the loving memory of Chancey





 Hedgehog Breeders Alliance





 Rocky Mountain Hedgehog Show






Silver Sponsors--$25.00 Level 


Denneen Foelker - Hedgie Pets




Donnasue Graesser

"In honor of all the hedgehog rescuers who devote their time, talents, and love to caring for hedgehogs in need."





Milwaukee Emergency Center for Animals

"When compassionate, high quality care matters, think MECA."




Jessica Elrod

Critter Crossings






Bronze Sponsors--$10.00 Level





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