Welcome to the


2006 Milwaukee


Hedgehog Rendezous




Hospitality Inn, Milwaukee Wisconsin                     Mitchell Park Domes




Phileas   & Deb Weaver--Show Secretary



Cherry Songhurst--Master Judge                         Floyd Aprill--Show Organizer

Conducting a health check                                    Presenting--Champion of the

                                                                                        Golden Quill Award

                                                                                        To Linda Woodring



International Hedgehog Association


IHA--Permanent Grand Champion


Hall Of Fame Presentation





Some of the Vendor Booths








Hedgehog Welfare Society








                   Milwaukee SuperPogs                                   Judy Aprill




Friday Evening Speaker


Dawn Wrobel



Pinball-a-thon Fund Raiser


 Once the Lights go out, it's really cool.




October 14th, 2006


Confirmation Show--Domes


Judge:  Laurel Sedgwick

Master Judge:  Sherry Songhurst


Best In Show

HHV Ying Yang MSP

IHR #16588

Owner:  Floyd Aprill































October 15th, 2006


Confirmation Show--Hospitality Inn


Judge:  Dawn Wrobel

Master Judge:  Sherry Songhurst



Dawn Wrobel Judging                                            Sherry Songhurst--Master Judge




Best In Show





HHV Ying Yang MSP


IHR #16588


Owner:  Floyd Aprill
















Musical Hedgehog Colors






Rendezvous Run


Now....lets run!!!




1st Place--Wizard (Linda Woodring)

4th Place--Notch (Dawn Wrobel)

2nd Place--Lola (Kristen Zorbini)

5th Place--Bucky (Linda Woodring)

3rd Place--Parson (Dawn Wrobel)

6th Place--Hermione (Teresa Johnson)




Pog pictures with Phileas





Phileas Look-A-Like Contest (Humans)



Cindy DeLaRosa and Simon Graesser as

"Phileas and Sweet Pie, Phileas Traveling Companion" (1st Place)

Donnasue Graesser as

"Phileas" (2nd Place)


Linda Woodring as "Phileas" (3rd Place)



Deb Weaver as "Phileas In His Box" (4th Place)



Hedgehog Costume Contest




Nimue "The Ghost" (1st Place)

Dianna Kocunik




Princess Chloe the "Red Hat Lady" (2nd Place)

Cyndy Bennett




Lola" the "Pink Pamento Bug" (3rd Place)

Kristen Zorbini


Merrywether "Canoeing" (4th Place)

Dianna Kocunik




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