Milwaukee Hedgehog Rendezvous




Show Photos--October 1st to October 3rd, 2010




Julie Burroughs--Abby Rendezvous Run
Time for hedgehog pinball.

Playing Hedgehog Pinball.

Javier Aprill-Jawort waiting for his hedgehog to start moving. Hedgehog crossing the finish line in the Rendezvous Run Floyd's grandson ready for his first hedgehog race.
1st Place Juvenile Pinto

Male (Saturday)--Gromit

1st Place Juvenile Standard Male (Saturday)--Spike Bed Head

Bed Head

Floyd Aprill:  Juvenile Pinto--Arlington (Saturday) Juvenile Pinto (Saturday):  Samson

Judging--Saturday Night Judging--Saturday Night with Judge:  Teresa Johnson Judging Saturday Night with Judge Teresa Johnson and Master Judge Dawn Wrobel

Lois Reetz with Juniper playing peek-a-boo

Judging Saturday Saturday Night Banquet
Sarah Shore Kristen Bongard

Alexis Thorpe

Flash and Thelma Hedgehog Rescue

Judging Saturday night Deb Weaver awards Piņa "Permanent Grand Champion"--Owner:  Greg Goskeck
Greg Goskeck with "Permanent Grand Champion" Piņa Ben Dorman showing his hedgehog Saturday.

Go Packers!

Military Commissioning Ceremony by Dr. Z.G. Standing Bear.  Holding Louella of Lafayette, reining monarch. Standing Bear with Varkie, minister of Foreign Affairs.



Jennifer Pombon, R.N. "People and Paws:  Those that Touched my Heart in Texas" Dr. John Wertz, D.V.M. presents "Hedgehog Health 101"


Show organizer, Floyd Aprill AND Deb Weaver, show secretary presented gifts.

Show thanks and gifts. Show thanks and gifts. Jim Woodring Presentation "Give 'em a Breath:  Assuring Adequate Air for Your Hedgehogs"

Show Cake--honoring the Tumbleweeds & Suzie our hostest

Banquet dinner buffet.


Floyd Aprill's hedgehog Vail.


Treatment of post traumatic stress disorder in rescue hedgehogs.


Panel members (from left to right): 

Healing Touch Animals--Ms. Carol Michalski, RN, HNC, HTCP, HTACP

Traditional and Holistic Veterinary Treatment--Dr. Dean Beyerinck, DVM (Topics including composure (vitamin B1, colostrum calming complex, L-theanine), herbal treatments, and antidepressant medications)

Message Therapy--Ms. Vicki McLean, Licensed Massage Therapist

Reiki & Herbal Treatments--Dr. Dawn Wrobel, Reiki Master Teacher

Dr. Susan Brown--Key note talk "Hedgehogs in Hell:  The Story Behind the U.S. global Exotics Raid"

HRM Louella of Lafayette (AKA Three) earns Permanent Grand Champion Status

HRM Louella of Lafayette (AKA Three) earns Permanent Grand Champion Status









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